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Paint on One Hand


BethAnne Garcia is an artist and stay at home mom of three children. She works out of her home studio with her shaggy dog Roxy by her side. Her work is inspired by her garden and all of nature’s miracles. Beth graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration and grew up in a very small town in Connecticut where her love of painting began. 


In 2019, she began painting fence posts as gifts for her children’s teachers. The process was joyful, and therapeutic. By the summer of 2020, Beth’s Tree Farm became official as her dining room turned into a beautiful fence post farm full of sunflowers, pumpkins, and Christmas trees. To-date, her fence posts now grow in Illinois, Connecticut, Colorado, California, New Hampshire, and all over the greater Houston area.  

The Materials

Beth's Tree Farm collects fence posts throughout the neighborhood before they are discarded. Fence posts are lightly cleaned to maintain their natural coloration. A mix of Sherwin Williams house paints and acrylic paints are used so fence posts can be displayed in the garden. Many of these posts are very old: fading and natural discoloration from weather should be expected.



Beth’s Tree Farm does offer shipping in the continental U.S.. Shipping costs vary depending on the size, weight and final destination. Estimate about $15-25 if you wish to ship freshly painted fence posts. 

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